Just as any #Matrix lover, I was very excited to see Element Call. I played a bit with in on the public beta, but as a self hoster I wanted to run it on my own server of course.

I downloaded the source from Github and followed the instructions to "compile" it. Not sure if I'm allowed to call it that, but that's what it looks like to me, as a non-developer ;-)

I got a few warnings and errors, and called for help in webrtc:matrix.org and was told that I should use a different branch than the one the manual mentioned: "dbkr/group-call-merge" instead of "robertlong/group-call". That did the trick: no more errors.

After a struggle with (against?) CORS, I configured it to use actual address of the homeserver, instead of the domain name. And although that gives the wrong address when you log in, logging in actually works.

My other clients noticed a new session for my login, which I can't verify because Element Call doesn't do that (yet?). But it works, so I'll put it through its paces next week and report back.

@hans will it be a Jitsi killer? I read it’s limited to about 8 participants… what we need is a video tool that works with 20 or more! For webinairs and group sessions. Jitsi doesn’t work well for that and it’s a reason orgs fallback on teams or google meet all the time. For small-group calls the alternatives work fine… hope they find a way to get that to work!

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